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Limited Edition Baby Pink Profrosters - Only Limited Number Available

The ProFroster is a professional cake tool that can frost a cake up to 8" high. 

Made from food safe plastic. Scraping surface is a little over 8" high (approx. 8 1/8") and 5" across. You can easily frost a 10" cake and if anything bigger you just use an offset spatula to even out the top...

Making a cake that is level and has a clean edge is both difficult and time-consuming. There are several methods that professionals use to achieve this look, and they take so much time! Even for a professional! The ProFroster is a frosting tool that allows you to get clean straight edges even for taller / barrel cakes that are up to 8 inches high.

If you are a cake maker The ProFroster will save you time and a headache!

If you make cakes as a hobby but want them to look more elegant, the ProFroster is for you!

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